The beauty of real
stone paving

Here's the secret

Whilst many people love the originality and beauty of natural stone, it is never easy to secure the services of an experienced contractor who has the skill, intuition and patience to install a stone sett paved area of any complexity for a reasonable cost. PietraPave changes the whole process, making the installation quick and easy enough for any competent installer to complete with stunning results.

Problem-solving PietraPave.

Because each mat is pre-cut, and because each pattern is pre-fitted, PietraPave maintains all the impact of real stone paving. PietraPave can typically be less than half the cost per fully laid square metre when compared to a traditional equivalent due to its rapid installation time.

The PietraPave range is exclusively distributed throughout the UK by Bannister Hall, a dedicated and fully integrated supplier of nursery stock and landscaping materials.

The Bannister Hall team has the experience and expertise to guide you through the range and support you bring your natural stone paving project to life.

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