PietraPave demonstrated its versatility, ease of use and speed of installation during a challenging domestic driveway project.

Having settled on a 2.4m compass design for the centre of the driveway, the client requested a bespoke extension to broaden the circular feature as well as a bespoke matching border.

Bannister Hall supplied installers Bedrock Landscapes with the compass paving kit as well as 40m2 of Modena and 60m2 of dark grey Modena paving to meet these requirements.

The one-off, pre-assembled PietraPave system provided was delivered to the driveway in Chorley, Lancashire, complete with installation plans and numbered sections, significantly reducing the installation time when compared to using a conventional natural stone paving solution.

Jason Gooch, from Bedrock Landscapes, said: “The client specified a concrete foundation and we laid the PietraPave compass on top of that. A bespoke stone project like this would normally take us weeks, but as it was so incredibly simple to use it took us just eight hours to complete.

“To test its strength the customer drove a 10 tonne lorry over it and there wasn’t a millimetre of movement. It’s a great product.”

PietraPave has many benefits that make it a desirable alternative to other paving solutions. These include the bespoke capabilities of the product range, enabling intricate patterns and designs to be created, the speed of installation and the quality and long-term performance of the material.

This speed of installation means that PietraPave is incredibly cost-effective when compared to conventional paving – in most cases half the cost per fully laid square metre which is incredible value for clients and contractors.

Each mat is simply laid onto a prepared screed and compacted down to levels. Grouting is equally fuss-free with Nexus V400 resin-based compound, which reduces cleaning in the short-term and maximises durability for customers in the long-term.

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