The versatile PietraPave range allows for paving projects of all sizes and complexities to be completed with ease and in record time – up to 10 times faster than alternative natural stone systems.

All domestic PietraPave installations follow the same simple eight step process, regardless of size and complexity. While the ground preparation grouting elements are required for all paving systems, steps five and six are where PietraPave truly comes into its own. Because each mat is pre-cut and hand-numbered to meet the unique design requirements of each project, installation is rapid.

PietraPave can be laid to the highest standards at a comfortable rate of 16 square metres per hour. Using an alternative natural stone system – requiring experienced stone paving installers and time-consuming on-site stone cutting and placement – substantially increases installation time.

A one-hour PietraPave installation could take as long as 10 hours to complete with other systems. This additional time comes at a cost. We have found that PietraPave’s rapid installation significantly reduces project costs – typically less than half that of a traditional equivalent.

So when the end client wants their paving project completed to the highest standards and as quickly as possible – minimising disruption to the public, their customers, their employees and so on – there really is no better solution than PietraPave.


How to install PietraPave:

Step one: Excavate the ground to the correct depth, allowing for; minimum 100mm of Type 1 sub base, 30mm of zone 2 grit sand and also for the thickness of the paving.

Step two: Compact the sub base fully with a vibrating plate, making sure that there are no voids left in the surface.

Step three: For the bedding layer, screed out the grit sand to a consistent depth of 25-30mm observing any required falls

Step four: Before laying commences, ensure all edge restraints are installed and haunched with concrete.

Step five: Commence laying of PietraPave mats in your preferred pattern, whilst maintaining a consistent joint width throughout. For more intricate designs, each hand-crafted pre-cut mat will be numbered, further simplifying the installation process. PietraPave is so easy to use that installation can be carried out at a rate of 16 square metres per hour – up to 10 times quicker than alternative natural stone paving systems.

Step six: Complete laying of paving, cutting the mats where required to create uniform borders where required.

Step seven: Using a vibrating plate with a rubber mat, compact the paving into the bedding layer to achieve finished levels.

Step eight: Fill in the paving joints with Nexus Pro-joint V75-WT, as described on the joint filling data sheet.

For commercial car parks or projects receiving heavy traffic, preparation is similar to above, except the Type 1 sub base must have a minimum thickness of 250mm. The bedding layer should be a 25-30mm screed of semi-dry but workable 3:1 mix of zone 2 sand and O.P.C.

Once the paving has been compacted to finshed levels, fill in the paving joints with the stronger Nexus Pro-Joint V-400, as described on the joint filling data sheet.

For more best practice installation guidance contact us by emailing or calling 01772 877087.

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