By Alan Lovell, Managing Director at Bannister Hall

When it comes to product specification for large-scale paving projects, purchasers are often left with a difficult balancing act – trying to keep within budget without being boring.

This tightrope is often difficult to walk as the cheapest materials are often the least versatile in terms of design, for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, when Cost goes head to head with Design, it is invariably Cost that comes out as the winner, with aesthetic appeal sacrificed for the sake of protecting project budgets.

We have found that specifiers and architects are increasingly looking for ways in which to address this imbalance without breaking the bank. And we believe that PietraPave can play a part in the answer by way of a part-PietraPave solution. 

PietraPave, a revolutionary natural stone product capable of producing intricate and bespoke designs, is more expensive per metre squared than bog-standard concrete or Indian paving. This material cost is somewhat reduced through the cost-savings made available to customers through PietraPave’s unique mat construction, which allows PietraPave to be laid simply and quickly, leading to installation costs that are up to 50% cheaper than those incurred by using traditional equivalents.

Even still, we understand why utilitarian riven Indian paving or even concrete slabs sometimes specified over PietraPave, however much we don’t like it. But we believe it’s not a case of all or nothing, boring concrete slabs or beautiful, bespoke PietraPave. There is a third way; concrete or Indian and PietraPave.

When budgets are tight, why not combine the low cost of other products with the design versatility of PietraPave. For a pedestrianised high street area, for example, the borders and finer details, such as flower beds or other street furniture, can be surrounded by PietraPave amongst wider expanses of existing paving or new concrete paving.

The same combination could also combine on park paving projects or any other project where there is an opportunity to cover large areas in a cost effective manner while also retaining elements of design appeal. For corporate spaces, the aesthetic value could come through PietraPave’s ability to construct logos or other bespoke patterns.

By fusing old paving products with the high-performing new of PietraPave, designers and project management teams can create good-looking and hard-wearing paving solutions that combine cost effectiveness with design flexibility.

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