The permeable
paving solution

PietraPerm is the permeable option for your paving with all the fabulous benefits of the PietraPave. This will ensure you can enjoy beautiful natural stone on a flexible matting together with the opportunity to have your own unique design being created in this top quality labour-saving format.

As our climate continues to change the focus turns to an increasing need for a permeable paving solution.

We have invested heavily in developing PietraPerm, a fabulous SUDs compliant product which offers a totally new permeable paving option. Whilst there are other similar products on the market, we believe only PietraPerm achieves these objectives whilst still using natural stone.

How does PietraPerm work?

Build-up is as follows:

  1. Excavate to a depth of 300mm
  2. Compact 200mm depth of reduced fines MOT
  3. Add a 40mm layer of clean 14-20mm limestone
  4. Form a bedding layer with a screed of 2-6mm gravel
  5. Lay the PietraPerm mats on the prepared screed allowing for 3-5mm of compaction to finished levels.
  6. Compact the PietraPerm area with a vibrating plate fitted with a rubber mat to protect the pairing.
  7. Fill the joints with PietraPoint joining compound as per the instructions and protect from rainfall until the joints have set.


Additional info:

Measuring Rainfall

Moderate Rain 1-4mm
per hour
1-4 litres
per hour
Heavy Rain 4-16mm
per hour
4-16 litres
per hour
Very heavy rain 16-50mm
per hour
16-50 litres
per hour

In testing, the permeability of the PietraPerm surface was measured to be 65 litres of water, per metre per hour, which we know is at least 30% more than a heavy rainfall event, looking at the table above.

So, if you are looking for permeability but still want the quality and style of natural stone paving PietraPerm is the best place to start.

Call or email us today to discuss your requirements.

PietraPerm setts are bonded to a different mesh system to standard PietraPave but they are designed to be laid very quickly in the same manner.

Wetting paving with a watering can – water percolating through the joints and soaking away until none is left on the surface.

Tested for strength with a 4 tonne forklift with very hard tyres (so high load point) driven on and manoeuvred across the area of paving – no deflection at all. Lateral strength proven with directional changes whilst on the paving.

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