Bespoke Labyrinth Laid in 25 minutes

APLG Landscapes laid the Bespoke PietraPave Labyrinth in no time.

Rob at APLG first prepared the screed, a crucial part of the preparation. Having a well-constructed screed will ensure the best results.

A map and guide, are supplied with all PietraPave circles and each mat is numbered making the installation process quick and easy. The natural stone mats are easy to handle, only requiring two contractors.

Rob of APLG decided to first layout the centre on the ground to check the angles before laying it on his screed. This allowed the team to line up the centre before starting the installation.

“I do love a challenge, although, attempting to create this Labyrinth without the PietraPave system wouldn’t have been an option. The time it would’ve taken would have driven the costs up and the accuracy would’ve been hard to achieve.”

Rob Halley, Owner of APLG

Here’s the finished article. Magnificent