Case Studies

PietraPave Plays Starring Role at Cinema-Themed Resort’s Entrance

PietraPave Plays Starring Role at Cinema-Themed Resort’s Entrance


For the new luxury Las Vegas-style Studio City entertainment resort in China, developers demanded not only decadence but also the highest attention to detail.


It was for these reasons that PietraPave was specified for the mega-complex’s magnificent arrivals foyer, leading to the in-house hotel, entertainment, shopping and gamins areas.


Encompassing a 4,500m2 space, PietraPave was used to provide the winding vehicular pathway from the main carriageway to Studio City’s grand entrance, a pathway consisting of two sweeping ramps and a spacious drop-off zone.


In keeping with the high-end products and finishes used throughout the rest of the resort, a bespoke PietraPave design – made up of a series of circle kits and incorporating flowing stonework murals – was installed in just 120 days.


This project saw PietraPave’s design and installation benefits come to the fore. No other natural stone product could provide the design flexibility afforded to the project’s architect by PietraPave.


“Furthermore, we believe that using an alternative natural stone solution would have increased the installation time by more than a third.”