Case Studies

Bespoke Natural Stone Paving

Bespoke Natural Stone Paving

The Flower Bowl Entertainment Centre in Garstang (Preston) has the perfect entrance. A bespoke natural stone motif that matches the cladding on the state of the art facility.

Bespoke 38.5m² Diameter Circular Two Tone Floral Motif

The Flower Bowl project highlights how the creative ability of the designer can be faithfully recreated in natural stone without compromise and within budget.  The stunning focal point brought to life for the main entrance of this new exciting venture matched exactly with the huge abstract floral designs on the side of this inspirational contemporary building.  This is another project we are proud to have been involved with.

Our bespoke service is capable of producing an amazing array of work including the Flower Bowls’ flawless stone mosaic.  Each mat within this seven-metre diameter circle arrives on pre-numbered mats making the installation process extremely simple to execute. This special service is offered alongside our stock range of tessellating design options that are equally suited to both large streetscapes and more confined areas.



‘The Pietra Pave flower looks simply beautiful, the natural stone really adds a touch of class to the Barton Grange Flower Bowl.  Overall, I am absolutely delighted with the quality of the bespoke design, especially the finish quality.  It’s amazing how the detail of the wall mural has been translated into the paving.  The project boasts so many unique features and attractions, it was a real bonus to discover Pietra Pave and continue this pioneering theme in the paving at the main entrance.  The results far surpassed my expectations, it’s a paving master piece for all to see.’

Peter Topping – Managing Director The Flower Bowl Entertainment Centre


‘It was the first time this particular landscape team had laid Pietra Pave.  Following the detailed guidance provided, using Pieta Pave really couldn’t have been simpler.  The speed of the installation was truly outstanding compared to regular paving methods, for such a complex design it literally saved weeks not days.  I very quickly realised my initial reservation was completely unfounded after seeing the accuracy and quality of the finished job.  Pietra Pave is definitely a product I would recommend.’

Adam Rawcliffe – Contract Manager Barton Grange Landscapes