PietraPave fully demonstrated its time- and cost-saving qualities during a major park regeneration project in Kazakhstan with the installation of 10,000m2 of arch-shaped and square-block setts – completed in just 100 days.

The paving was used to construct a broad and eye-catching pathway running through a city centre park, which also includes an aqua park, zoo, roller coasters, Ferris wheel and beach.

The setts used – similar to the Silvermist, Florence and Striding Edge ranges available in the UK – demonstrate the huge potential for shopping malls, town centres and commercial areas in this country to create the same distinctive good look with long-term performance.

As PietraPave comprises setts of high-quality natural stones that are individually hand cut and finished and delivered to site pre-fixed to mesh bases, the installation time – and subsequent labour costs – is significantly reduced when compared to alternative paving products.

Using an alternative paving solution in Kazakhstan would have seen the project take in excess of 200 days to finish.

This time-saving is a major bonus for UK projects, particularly those undertaken by the public sector, which is constantly under pressure to reduce budgets as well as ensuring disruption and inconvenience in public areas in kept to a minimum.

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