The versatile, easy to install and high quality PietraPave system bonds natural stone paving to a robust and durable backing mat.

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The Beauty Of Real Stone Paving

The PietraPave system is once again bringing natural stone to the forefront of paving. We are doing this by supplying beautiful natural stone setts bonded to a durable and robust backing mat. The mat allows the stone to be laid with maximum accuracy and efficiency enabling a huge time-saving benefit which in return lowers labour costs dramatically, making natural stone a real option once more for both small and large-scale projects.

Design’s The Limit

PietraPave offers a large variety of styles to suit a multitude of paving schemes and personal preference. We have linear, fan, and circular designs which all offer a range of colours and finishes to ensure there is something for everyone. We also have the ability to offer bespoke paving, this allows paving to be taken to the limits of the designers imagination offering a truly revolutionary service. All PietraPave designs can be tweaked and customised to suit a particular scheme; the colour, finish and thickness of the stone can all be modified. This has allowed PietraPave to stay ahead of changing demands such as inner-city green roofs and roof gardens whereby we would scale the thickness of the stone down to 20mm.

Featured Projects

Browse through our case studies which range from residential paths and driveways right through to large commercial areas - please click the flower below to see more