We strive to bring natural stone to the forefront of paving. Once more while reducing the use of environmentally damaging alternatives. We do this by creating less waste, using more sustainable materials, and developing our range to address current environmental issues such as sustainable drainage. We supply quality stone laid on a revolutionary mat creating the perfect marriage between speed and accuracy, delivering astonishing results at a fraction of the price when compared to ordinary methods.


Working as landscaping and paving contractors with 30 years’ experience supported by 19 years of supplying landscaping materials has given us a holistic view of the industry from both sides of the fence. As a specialist supplier of stone paving to the trade we have noticed that natural stone has a tendency to be value engineered out of certain projects. Our research and development work has highlighted that it is not necessarily purely the cost of the stone that is a barrier to it being used on a job, but the slow installation time which leads to much higher labour costs than alternative materials, coupled with the dearth of skilled installers required to lay intricate paving designs in a timely manner. For all of the reasons above we have developed the PietraPave paving system which confidently delivers visual, practical, financial and ecological benefits throughout the supply chain including designers, contractors, the end user and the environment.

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