A new natural stone paving system combining distinctive good looks, durability and a speed of installation that cannot be matched by similar paving solutions has proved its incredible versatility at St Andrews Church in Lancashire.

The high-quality PietraPave system was laid and finished just four and a half hours after being delivered to the Longton parish church. Completing this project with an alternative paving system would have taken up to two weeks.

PietraPave’s remarkable speed of installation is achieved through the use of pre-cut stone setts which come fixed to a robust mat. Each sett panel is numbered, allowing complex designs to be laid out and installed in record time.

Contractors Gardenscene were commissioned by St Andrews’ Church Committee to produce a pavement maze – incorporating a 6.2m diameter circle – as a design feature in stone within a communal outdoor space.

Working to a bespoke CAD-designed maze floorplan, Bannister Hall supplied 30m2 of natural paving setts, comprising individually-cut PietraPave natural stone blocks sawn on six sides with a flamed finish to the surface. Each mat was pre-cut and each pattern pre-fitted to increase the impact of real stone paving.

Paul Kenworthy from Gardenscene said: “This is the first time we’ve used PietraPave and I was delighted at the speed of installation. It’s basically like a large, easy jigsaw puzzle with each section numbered in sequence from the pallet.

“St Andrews is a long-standing client of ours and they are really pleased with the finished labyrinth. I’d certainly recommend using it again on landscaping projects.”

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