Case Studies

Stunning Modern Geometric Pattern Created Using PietraPave

Stunning Modern Geometric Pattern Created Using PietraPave

Beautiful residential project using a modern geometrical design

250m² PietraPave featuring Striding Edge (silver granite), Trover (dark grey granite) and a bespoke border in black granite based on the Modena pattern was used to create this beautiful project.


The architectural theme of the property has been elegantly mirrored in the PietraPave driveway.  The stylish geometrical design represents the use of traditional materials within a modern context featuring a large central focal point that adds a formal interest to the rustic landscape surrounding the area.  PietraPave achieves this through the juxtaposition of contrasting textures and colours of natural stone all available from our range of pre-designed mats.  The transformation accomplished with this large outdoor space really makes this stunning property shine.


Astonishingly, the installation time on this project for 250m² of PietraPave was only four days for two men which is an incredible feat, especially when compared to laying traditional setts which would have taken several weeks to lay. Due to the time saved, labour hours were severely slashed, making this driveway far less expensive than a traditional cobbled driveway.


PietraPave is ideally suited to fulfilling the needs of a large paved area with the added ease of creating amazing features within the paving design, utilising our ‘off the shelf’ design options or employing our bespoke design services for something special.